Ahsayn Beatmaker naSharky – Mandipe (Lyric Video by Cashbid)


Now you can all sing along to this masterpiece single off Ahsayn Beatmaker’s debut album called “Algorhythm”. The song dabbles in ancient African folklore. A man called Mandipe who is normally looked down upon by society gets taken to the under water world by mermaids. When he returns to the surface, he is now in possession of incredible supernatural powers, and the people are now looking to him for salvation. “Mandipe” the name is derived from the Shona word “mandipei?” which means “What have you given me?”

Ahsayn teams up with Sharky on this beautiful musical piece, combining a deep old school Rn’B sound with gritty Shona rap and mbira.

The album “Algorhythm” is available in all online stores.